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The impact rating agency impak Finance partners with The Green Link
A partnership reinforcing the implementation of impact-oriented business solutions worldwide 


Montreal, Canada, October 21, 2020: Today, impak – the independent impact rating agency – announced that it partnered with The Green Link, a company that helps businesses operationalise their sustainable solution strategy by connecting them to viable technologies compiled into unique technology solution sets, around the world.

This first collaboration with a Quebec-based company aims to accelerate social and environmental considerations in the implementation of business solutions. Furthermore, through the partnership, The Green Link builds on its ability to support its clients with robust impact measurement and capital financing options.


Impak Finance, like The Green Link, maintains a high-level of technical expertise with the use of their machine-learning based algorithm to automate and scale the analysis process. For impak, the result is an impact statement – a 360° view of the positive and negative impact, both socially and environmentally, of any type of organization.

A key challenge in sustainability work is combatting greenwashing and diluted impact results. To effectively meet UN’S Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, companies must ensure that measurement tools are tried, tested, and trusted. By partnering with Impak Finance, The Green Link strengthens its ability to ensure impact-driven results from its solution sets developed uniquely for each individual client through enhanced global technological scouting.


Our partnership with Impak Finance increases the accuracy by which we can provide measurable, scalable, and sustainable solutions to solve our clients’ operational environmental challenges, reinforcing our capacity to help them keep the environmental pledge they take.” commented Bernard Lebelle, CEO at The Green Link.  

Thanks to The Green Link’s network and our expertise, we are one step closer to impact-oriented business connections and solutions worldwide. We are glad to accelerate once more a shift to a positive impact economy.” added Tima Gros, COO at impak Finance.


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About impak
impak is an independent impact rating agency with offices in Montreal, Toronto and Paris. Its mission is to direct capital to the impact economy.
It developed impak IS2, an impact scoring and reporting tool that relies on the Impact Management Project and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This solution allows professional investors to choose investments based on the positive social and/or environmental impacts they generate. impak IS2 also allows investors to rank companies based on their impak Score™ and generates a global extra-financial balance sheet statement, called impact statement, comprised of positive and negative impacts.

impak has also developed a family of impak Indices™ based on the impak Score™ and other elements of the impak database. 

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About The Green Link
The Green Link provides “Sustainability as a Service” by scanning the world for existing, proven clean technologies to solve for clients’ environmental operational challenges. By supporting the client problem framing process, we develop a robust framework for technological solution scanning.
We use enhanced search tools to find clean innovations internationally which, when combined into unique solution sets, solve for our clients’ unique environmental impacts. 

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