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We provide a full suite of actionable impact intelligence & data to support your transition to sustainability.

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Our Solutions


Our solutions, based on the financial and the impact materiality, support financial institutions and corporates in making more sustainable-oriented decisions, focused on long-term risk management and opportunities.

Impact Analysis

Double Materiality Module

Supply Chain SDG Alignment


The first impact-based indices and ETFs.

Clean Water & Waste

Sustainable Food & Biodiversity

Green Energy & Technology

Health & Well-being

Social & Economic Empowerment

EU Taxonomy Index


Our efficient regulatory watch module and updating feature help financial institutions and businesses fulfill their reporting requirements.

SFDR + i

EU Taxonomy


Strategically-themed modules for sustainability-oriented financial participants.

Climate Strategy

E&S Governance

Alignment with External Commitments

Media Watch

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EU Taxonomy Module


Our Clients


Asset managers, asset owners, wealth managers, banks, private equity firms, etc.

Our high-quality and actionable non-financial data support and facilitate your decision-making processes.


Listed and private companies, from all sectors

Thanks to our decision-making tools and easy-to-understand data, we support your transition plan.

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Our Technology

Thanks to artificial intelligence and our team of experts, we offer accurate up-to-date data and reduced delivery time resulting in high-quality analyses.

Double Materiality
Assessment Tool

Activity and Indicator

Impact Data Ready for
Business Intelligence


ESG Controversy
News Monitoring

Automated Data

A SaaS platform to manage it all

SaaS platform

From ESG to impact

In addition to financial materiality, the global context has evolved to require a greater emphasis on evaluating companies for their negative & positive impacts on society and the environment.

ESG + impact

We cover traditional ESG data, complemented by our impact data to provide a 360-degree portrait of a company or portfolio’s risks and impacts.

Positive impacts, positive change

The traditional ESG approach measures mitigation efforts.
The impact approach measures the results of the mitigation activities and existing positive impacts.

Double Materiality

Double materiality has been determined as the best practice for non-financial reporting by international standards.
It is at the core of both the CSRD and impak’s analyses.

Impact requires transparency

Each data point can be read in context thanks to our click-to-source feature. This means our analyses are 100% evidence-based.

Aligned with recognized sustainability frameworks & reporting standards

They manage through us

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