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SFDR+I impak intelligence

SFDR + i is an all-in-one solution to comply with the SFDR & mitigate reputational risks.

An enhanced SFDR solution with actionable impact data and analysis for listed & private equity.


   Automated data collection for private companies.

   Mitigate reputational risks stemming from reclassification.

   Access to a complementary sustainability performance analysis.

   Identify sustainable investment objectives with the SDGs and SDG targets contributions.

Aligned with recognized sustainability frameworks & reporting standards

Challenges facing the financial industry with regard to SFDR

Reputational risks due to fund mislabelling and reclassification

Complexity of SFDR compliance in an evolving regulatory context

Difficulty accessing data on private equity

SFDR expert impak

Want to learn more about the SFDR and the risk of being reclassified as article 8 : its associated problems and possible solutions that would minimize reputational risk.

Read our analyst insight written by Marion Bitoune, ESG Regulatory and SFDR Expert at impak Analytics.

Going from ESG to impact

Double materiality approach 

Analysis taking into account the material impact on the market value of a company (financial materiality), as well as the impacts that a company’s activities have on society and the environment.


Up-to-date methodologies in a fast-moving regulatory environment.

Analytical expertise supported by technology 

Data assessment enhanced by our specialized analysts.

Data contextualisation 

The materiality of each indicator is assessed in relation to the company’s business model, sector, value chain, and controversies.


Credible data to support sustainability claims.

Based on international standards

Analyses based on international standards recognized by industry practioners.

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Benefits of working with impak

SFDR ESG private equity


SaaS solution that supports internal economies of scale

SFDR ESG private equity

Universal methodology

Transparent and comprehensive methodology supported by more than 2000 organizations

SFDR ESG private equity

Legitimacy & credibility

Independent third-party assessment that eliminates all possible biases

SFDR ESG private equity


Easy, automated, and customizable impact & regulatory reporting on user-friendly platform

They manage impact through us

SFDR ESG private equitySFDR ESG private equity