Our Methodology

A Transparent and Robust Methodology

Our methodology enables us to provide financial institutions and businesses with in-depth, comparable impact analyses. It applies double materiality principles and measures positive impacts. It is based on international regulations and standards.  

It enables decisions to be taken on the basis of sustainable development and social responsibility principles, ensures compliance with current regulations, and helps to prepare for those to come.

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A Methodology in Line with Market Requirements

A comprehensive understanding of company or portfolio risks and impacts with traditional ESG data and impact data combined for a holistic analysis.

An analysis of financial materiality, alongside environmental and societal impacts.

Rigorous, detailed analysis of positive impacts to go beyond traditional ESG data.

A more demanding methodology that enables us to adapt to current regulations and anticipate those to come.

A Methodology Based on International Standards and Regulations

Main reporting standards and norms 
Main international regulations


EU Taxonomy


Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

Classification Framework

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Our Expert Committee

A group of experts supports the impak Analytics team to maintain its position as a leader in impact analysis and to foster innovation within its methodology.

Olivia Prentice

COO & Head of Content
Impact Management Project

Laura Palmeiro

Senior Advisor

Thierry Sibieude

Essec Business School

Jess Daggers

Doctorate in Social Investment
TransCap Initiative

Our Sources

Impact analysis sources are exclusively drawn from publicly available documents, such as corporate disclosures (e.g., Sustainability Reports, EU Taxonomy, TCFD disclosures) and corporate websites.

To collect information from private companies, impak Analytics has developed an AI-assisted interactive data collection platform, offering great flexibility and significant time savings. 

Our Involvement in the Impact Ecosystem

Impak works with governments, financial regulators, standards organisations and professional associations to develop future regulations and standards.

Regulatory consultations

Impact & ESG standardization Consultations

Impact Standardization working groups

We are fostering an environment where businesses and investors can fully harness their potential to fulfill the 2030 Agenda and build a more sustainable future for everyone.