Annual impak Score review

impak announces adjustments to its impak Scores™


September 12th, 2023, Montreal — impak, the independent impact rating agency, announces adjustments to its rating methodology as part of its annual review process. This will imply changes in impak Scores™ for the entire impak universe.

The impak Score™ ranges from 0 to 1,000 points; the higher the score, the higher the organization’s contribution to tackling environmental, social, and governance issues. impak’s standard and comprehensive rating methodology is based on the Impact Management Project Norms, hosted by impact Frontier, and the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Through three analytical categories – positive impacts, mitigation of negative impacts, and governance – the impak Score™ allows investors, banks, and asset managers to better understand the global social and environmental impact of any organization, in parallel with the impact statement. 

 The current enhanced impak Score™ represents the 9th iteration of impak’s rating methodology, with a more robust algorithm and weightings thanks to the following adjustments: (i) weight changes to reflect changes in coverage and evolution in disclosures; (ii) addition of qualitatively-verified positive impacts, and (iii) revalorization of mitigation of all material negative impacts.

The new impak ScoresTM are available on the impak Analytics platform for its clients and changes were reflected in impak’s indices.


Disclaimer: Information contained in this press release is provided solely for informational purposes and therefore does not constitute an offer to buy or sell a security. Unless mentioned otherwise, information has been collected directly from company disclosures. Ratings are based on impak Analytics’ proprietary assessment methodology and provide relative and not absolute value based on non-financial criteria. impak Analytics is not liable for the induced consequences when third parties use these opinions either to make investment decisions or to make any kind of business transaction. This information is subject to impak Analytics’ terms of use and compliance policies.

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