Webconference #1: To finish with Green, Impact and SDG Washing

The series of webconferences on impact measurement originates in the current economic system, which sees capital as an end-point rather than a means and feeds the climate and health emergency we are experiencing.

It is therefore imperative that all forms of organisation report transparently and standardised their positive and negative social and environmental impacts so that economic actors can make informed investment, consumption and savings choices.

This is where impact measurement comes in. Follow our informative series throughout the summer and fall.

Watch the first lecture now.


The structural limitations of ESG, the shift towards positive impact and the Impact Management Project framework.

Duration 1 h

With Anne-Catherine Husson, Managing Director Novethic and Marie-Aimée Boury, Head of Impact Based Finance Société Générale

Hosted by Velina Serafimov, Chief of Impact impak

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