Impact Tip: Impact Analysis (Part 2)

​​In this Impact Tip, we delve into Part 2 of the concept of Impact Analysis.

This segment will explore two vital components. First, we’ll examine a company’s governance, delving into the three categories within our Impact Statement. This will provide us with essential insights into the company’s commitment to responsible practices.

Next, we’ll take a deep dive into the five performance dimensions defined by the Impact Management Project (IMP), offering a holistic perspective on corporate impact from both a social and environmental standpoint. Understanding these dimensions is crucial to comprehend a company’s real impact on people and the planet.

Watch and hear our Impact Analyst, Alexandra Di Fabrizio, share her expert insights on this subject, shedding light on how impak can equip investors with 360-degree assessments of a company’s sustainability performance. 


Impact Tip #8

Duration: 2m56



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