Press release – The real impact of the CAC 40 companies revealed

Press release

The real impact of the CAC 40 companies revealed by the Franco-Canadian independent impact rating agency


MONTREAL, CANADA, February 19th, 2020.  At its official launch in Paris, France, impak– the independent impact rating agency– unveils the environmental and social impak ScoreTM of the businesses that make up the CAC 40 index. With this announcement, impak sets itself apart in Europe by offering a performance indicator that reveals the true global impact companies and organisations have on people and the planet. 

This news comes at a time when the global financial sector is rethinking the status quo, particularly in Europe and the USA. Regulatory authorities, as well as citizens, are demanding more transparency when it comes to a company’s impact. Until recently, most companies have only included modest social and environmental considerations in their reporting. In order to fill the gap, and given the reality of the climate emergency, it is essential that we have a transparent, impartial, global impact assessment of any organisation or company. 

“Our work reveals the real social and environmental impact of companies, which will in turn allow fund managers to optimise the positive impact of their global portfolios. Companies will then be able to monitor and improve their impact balance sheets by including or transforming their business model towards one of impact,” explained Paul Allard, CEO at impak.

The impak ScoreTM is an indicator that is arrived at via a thorough analysis that gathers complex publicly available information, distilling it into impartial, streamlined relevant content for investors. Similar to financial statements, the impact statement is transparent, comprehensive and allows for comparisons between companies of different sizes and sectors, something that is currently lacking with ESG rating methodologies. 

Additionally, given current regulatory requirements and the growing correlation between a company’s positive impact performance and profitability, obtaining a higher impak ScoreTM  could result in financial benefits for those companies who chose to follow the impact path.

The impak ScoreTM is the first indicator that answers the precise market call for impact assessment and that addresses the climate emergency while also going above and beyond current regulatory requirements. It in turn allows for the management of ESG risks (including those linked to climate change), which are now part of every asset manager’s portfolio analysis.


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About impak
impak is an independent impact rating agency with offices in Montreal, Toronto and Paris. Its mission is to direct capital to the impact economy.

It developed impak IS2, an impact scoring and reporting tool that relies on the Impact Management Project and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This solution allows professional investors to choose investments based on the positive social and / or environmental impacts they generate. impak IS2also allows investors to rank companies based on their impak ScoreTM and generates a global extra-financial balance sheet statement comprised of positive and negative impacts.

impak has also developed a family of impak IndicesTM based on the impak ScoreTM and other elements of the impak database. 

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