Press release – impak and EthicAdvisor, an impactful partnership

More positive impact for consumers
The French ethical products platform EthicAdvisor and impak Finance, the leading independent impact rating agency, join forces to provide consumers with the most complete portrait of the impact of their purchases available on the market.


Adding the business’ impact to their products’ impact
EthicAdvisor and impak Finance share the same long-term vision: to contribute to a society that chooses to better the planet and people. EthicAdvisor has always thought that the best way to get consumers’ attention is by giving information on the product itself. On the other hand, impak Finance now brings information on the global impact of businesses thanks to its impact statement and scoring solution, impak IS2. This partnership will give consumers comprehensive, easy-to-understand and user-friendly impact information regarding their purchases. They can now feel confident when buying that they are having a concrete positive impact, limiting greenwashing by the same token.

An enlightened selection
The partnership will change the way businesses are selected on the EthicAdvisor platform. Thanks to impak’s expertise in analysing fundamental criteria (notably regarding UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals), EthicAdvisor is able to obtain more precise and comparable data on potential ethical businesses since the impak IS2 tool takes into consideration both positive and negative impacts of a business correlated to its turnover. This ensures EthicAdvisor that only businesses mitigating their negative impacts and creating positive impact will have access to the platform.

Our partnership with EthicAdvisor arrives at a moment where consumers want their money to contribute to social and environmental change, at a large scale. They can now easily become agents of change”, commented impak CEO and cofounder Paul Allard.

EthicAdvisor CEO and cofounder Éric Taillard added, “Our goal is to bring the ethical aspect in consumption back. We are thus glad to allow our customers to increase their impact even more  and turn their purchases into a true civic act.

The first ethical cashback
This impact qualification system will allow EthicAdvisor to increase the number of ethical partners without sacrificing the rigour of its selection. The new ethical cashback system implemented on the platform will therefore be applicable to more and more products.
The 2% cashback given after the purchase of ethical products is available in the user’s account and can be used in two ways: one can either decide to donate the cashback to an NGO or charity or to ask for a refund on some of its future purchases. EthicAdvisor wishes that those 2% help and encourage impactful acts, just like Lilo makes donation easy through the simple fact of navigating the internet.

Purchase reusable cotton make up removal pads through EthicAdvisor means that one will:

  • take care of one’s health, society and planet

  • help EthicAdvisor continue to offer its services

  • help businesses by buying their products

  • help an NGO or charity or reinvest in an ethical product thanks to the cashback.

About impak Finance, the independent impact rating agency
The mission of the canadian start-up impak Finance and its French subsidiary is to direct capital to the impact economy. It developed impak IS2, an impact scoring and reporting tool that relies on the Impact Management Project and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This solution allows professional investors to choose investments based on the positive social and / or environmental impacts they generate. impak IS2 also allows investors to rank companies based on their impak Score and generates a global extra-financial balance sheet statement comprised of positive and negative impacts. impak Finance has also developed a family of impak indices based on the impak Score and other elements of the impak database.

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About EthicAdvisor
EthicAdvisor exposes the truth behind everyday goods regarding three main aspects (Health, Society and Planet) and offers ethical alternatives. This means customers have access to a customisable application to scan products as well as ethical goodies hand-picked by our team. We promote consumption with a positive impact thanks to our new ethical cashback system.
“Improve the impact of our purchases and get rewarded.”

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