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Montreal, London and Frankfurt, April 20th, 2022

First 5 impact based ETFs to be launched by 2 B Corps: UK-based Investment Platform CIRCA5000 and impak Finance, the leading impact rating agency

Montreal, London and Frankfurt, April 20th, 2022 –  CIRCA5000 has chosen the independent impact rating agency impak Finance’s impact indices to launch 5 impact ETFs. This decision follows CIRCA5000’s new ETF strategy to offer a full range of impact ETFs to its retail and institutional base.

It all starts with impact intelligence

By going beyond ESG and beyond “sustainable or green revenue”, the 2 B Corps innovate by basing ETF construction on a true impact analysis, scanning the positive and negative impacts of companies, which means it will be able to prevent harmful practices such as greenwashing as well as identify strong investment opportunities from impact-oriented products.The ETFs will be based on impak indices, administered and calculated by BITA, the Germany-based Index Technology Company.

“ Sustainable investing — an approach to investing designed to consider Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors that influence financial returns — is now everywhere. Sustainable finance will be a $1 trillion market by 2030. But whilst “ESG going mainstream” can be good news, according to most experts, the reality so far is mixed at best, underwhelming at worst.” commented Tom McGillycuddy, CIRCA5000 co-founder.

“ Specifically, first generation ESG financial products have limited benefits on society and the planet for three primary reasons: i) only factors that affect financial returns are considered “material” for most ESG investors; ii) the S in ESG remains woefully underdeveloped; iii) ESG as currently practiced does not generate or measure positive impact, other than by reducing harm relative to the status quo.” added Paul Allard, impak’s CEO.

“ CIRCA5000’s new range of ETFs leverages a “best-in-class” method in index construction, by combining impak’s scientific approach to impact measurement with BITA’s thematic indexing expertise. We are very proud to support Circa5000 and impak in this exciting product launch.”, added Victor Hugo Gomez, Bita CEO.

“ The timing for us launching 5 impact based ETFs answers the growing and pressing demand of retail and institutional investors in the UK and Europe for more transparent and impactful sustainable financial products.” concluded Tom McGillycuddy.

About CIRCA5000
CIRCA5000 is the leading investment platform dedicated to creating a liveable, prosperous future for humanity. As a proud B Corp, we believe that investors should be able to invest in companies having a positive impact without having to sacrifice any potential financial return. From energy and water to food, health and education, all our investments have the same goal: to keep the future human.

About impak
impak, a human augmented intelligence fintech, provides impact intelligence to the financial sector. Its thorough standardized impact statements are based on the consensual norms of the Impact Management Project and the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, thanks to more than 3,700 data points and a rating out of 1,000, called impak Score™, impak’s data and reports are comparable, reliable and contextualized.

About Bita
BITA is a Germany-based Fintech that provides enterprise-grade indexes, data and infrastructure to institutions operating in the passive and quantitative investment spaces. Thanks to its innovative index management infrastructure, designed to outperform other existing solutions in terms of flexibility and speed, BITA can provide innovative, independent and methodologically sound indexes that are both investable and replicable by customers and stakeholders.

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For more information, contact:

Marc Delorme, impak Finance

Charlie Macpherson, CIRCA5000

Thomas Lee, BITA

impak Analytics