How to generate positive impacts alongside long-term returns

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CIRCA5000 is a disruptive player in the sustainable investment market. Bcorp-certified, this impact investment platform is 100% transparent about its investments’ impacts, with data to back it up.

The problem

CIRCA5000 was looking for a data provider that integrated the IMP (Impact Management Project) into its methodology, a guarantee of meticulous impact analysis ensuring:

  • the selection of companies producing the highest positive impacts aligned with the UN’s SDGs
  • long-term financial returns
  • protection against greenwashing and controversies risks.
  • a transparent and detailed approach to companies’s impacts.

“impak is the only data provider whose methodology is based on the rigorous IMP Norms and therefore going beyond ESG and SDG alignment”

ESG is incomplete to adress today’s challenge

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Solution impak for circa

The solution

The desired outcome was to provide our impact analysis including our positive impact selection methodology.
Our impact data allowed CIRCA5000 to carefully select companies within its range of impact ETFs:

The result

CIRCA5000 launched the first five impact investing ETFs focusing on high-impact companies, making it the first pure-play impact ETF issuer in the UK and Europe.

These five ETFs will support positive change in five key areas: Green Energy & Technology, Sustainable Food & Biodiversity, Clean Water & Waste, Social & Economic Empowerment, and Health & Wellbeing. 

“The 30-page impak reports provide a robust and transparent rationale behind every company we invest in, making our products align with the best impact funds in the world”

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Our highly-differentiated indices solutions


360° analyses based on leading international standards recognized by practitioners


Data assessment enhanced by our specialized analysts that AI solutions don’t process properly


Double materiality approach preventing  greenwashing and reputational risks


Custom universe offer with indices composed with strong impact profiles companies

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