Launch of SFDR+i, a SFDR compliance solution with impact data

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impak Analytics innovates with the launch of SFDR+i, a SFDR compliance solution with additional impact data covering private and listed issuers


  • impak Analytics, is launching SFDR+i — a combination of its SFDR module and its impak SDG Alignment (iSA) report
  • SFDR+i helps financial market participants identify their sustainability objectives to prevent reputational risks caused by fund reclassification
  • impak’s integrated solution includes an automated impact data collection platform (iDCP)- dedicated to private issuers – resulting in high-quality and actionable impact data and intelligence

MONTREAL, PARIS, LONDON, March 2, 2023 Today, the sustainable change enabler impak Analytics is launching SFDR + i – a turnkey solution that combines SFDR and impact data from publicly-listed and private companies for the use of financial market participants. The solution gives them the means to comply with SFDR‘s strictest regulations and by providing users with actionable impact data, enables them to make the right decisions towards a sustainable change. 

A means to achieve sustainable decision-making

impak’s SFDR + i offering includes the 14 mandatory Principal Adverse Impact (PAIs) (100%) and 26 of the 33 optional PAIs (78%), with the remainder soon to be integrated. Data will be available via impak’s SaaS and API. Furthermore, with its data transparency classification system (audited, unaudited, unknown and estimated), SFDR+i’s level of information goes beyond current standard practices and embodies impak’s rigorous and high standard methodology. 

Greenwashing no more

In accordance with its mission to help investors make more sustainable decisions, the iSA report provides easy-to-understand and in-depth impact data and analysis regarding SDG contributions, including a thorough analysis of a companies’ positive and negative contributions to the SDGs. This helps financial market participants with the identification of measurable sustainability objectives thus avoiding being misled by greenwashing and costly reputational risks.

“impak’s core element has always been high-quality impact data, which, from our point of view, is the only strategy that ensures accurate analyses and concrete sustainable change. The cascading reclassification of Article 8 funds in recent months has proven us right, which is why our teams have intensified their efforts to create a product that facilitates compliance with the latest Level 2 standards of the SFDR and provides impact intelligence at the same time”, explains Paul Allard, co-founder and CEO at impak Analytics 

Hassle-free private equity data collection

impak Analytics’ SFDR+i integrated solution is also applicable to private issuers and automates data collection via its user-friendly platform, with portfolio and company views thus facilitating once more sustainable decision-making. 

“This tool is dedicated to private equity with the same high standards of analysis and quality as for publicly-listed companies, and this is what makes our offer unique today. It is a real tour de force for our tech teams”, concludes Cédric de St-Léger, CTO at impak Analytics. 

SFDR+i the hybrid the market needed

impak Analytics’ methodology is based on the impact market’s most rigorous standards and principles which means that the hybrid approach of SFDR+iSA can help optimize decision-making processes for financial market participants. By having a clear and documented understanding of their assets’ sustainability efforts, they can minimize their reputational risks for both publicly-listed and – thanks to impak’s automated data platform – private companies. 

A trial version of the platform including real-life companies and reports is already available through a freemium program.


About impak Analytics 

impak Analytics, is an AI-using fintech scale-up that has developed a user-friendly impact data & intelligence platform with impact assessment, scoring and rating solutions.

impak Analytics is powered by its mission to help the financial sector make more sustainable decisions thanks to its impact assessment methodology based on international standards and principles such as the Impact Management Platform and the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Through the double materiality approach it incorporates positive impacts, more than 3,700 enriched data points and a 1000-point scoring process, called the impak Score™ resulting in impact analyses that are standardized, comparable, reliable and contextualized.

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