Employee Spotlight – Stéphanie, Communications Manager

With a background in Translation studies, Stéphanie brings a mindset of linguistic thinking into her practice of communications. Her abilities with words, their meanings, reach, and comprehension is what defines her work and the reason why she’s earned the nickname “La Plume – The Pen.” She has now been working at impak for 3 years and believes that in the niche field of sustainable finance – always growing in popularity – the challenge is renewed every single day.


What motivates you to come to work every morning?

The fact that I work for an innovative project (innovative is the new word for idealistic but with the means of its ambitions) that will change the selfish economic world we live in. I’ve always been on the skeptic side of consumerism and, working at impak, I believe we can fix neo-capitalism’s wrongdoings for the sake of the planet, animals, migrants, women, ecosystems, and the like.


If you were an eco-friendly product :

Some kind of fabric that would have endless 2nd lives.


If you had to choose ONE social cause :

The fight for feminism. Oppressions experienced by women and people identifying as women are subtle and savage. They need to be recognized and fought.


Hobbies outside of work :

Apart from starting too many knitting projects and not finishing them, I’m part of a collective called “La CORPS féministes” which campaigns for feminist reproductive and sexual health. I’m also on the board of Dent-de-lion, a feminist and anti-oppressive publishing house for children’s literature.


If you were a slogan or a quote?

The absence of proof is not proof of absence.


How do you see diversité and inclusiveness in impak’s company culture?

Actually, I’m proud to have co-written the part in our job offers that encourage indigenous, racialized people, minority groups, and sexual or gender diverse individuals to apply. It is not often that you see an inc. show it is feminist and anti-racist. This has created an intern enriching social fabric and exponential collective intelligence. It adds to our mission’s coherence, and that’s something!

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