BITA and impak Analytics introduce the ‘BITA impak Europe EU Taxonomy Index’

BITA and impak Analytics

Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Investing with the World’s First EU Taxonomy Index

BITA and impak Analytics introduce the ‘BITA impak Europe EU Taxonomy Index’

[Frankfurt, Montreal, Paris, London, June 2023] – Following their strategic partnership announced in May, BITA, a leader in advanced index solutions, and impak Analytics, a pioneer in impact intelligence and data, are proud to launch the ‘BITA impak Europe EU Taxonomy Index’. This index, the first of its kind, tracks the market performance of Europe-domiciled companies positively exposed to EU Taxonomy Aligned activities.

The new index provides investors an opportunity to capitalise on the growing sustainable investing market. It reflects BITA’s advanced indexing capabilities and impak Analytics’ actionable impact intelligence, aligning investment decisions with the latest sustainability regulations and industry standards.

“Through the EU Taxonomy Index, we’re facilitating access to a unique investment opportunity,” said Victor Hugo Gomez, BITA CEO. “By incorporating impak Analytics’ impact and ESG data into our indexing capabilities, we’re driving the creation of sustainable investment products that meet market demands and regulatory requirements.”

Boris Couteaux, Head of Indices at impak, added, “Our partnership with BITA is the perfect example of how our granular data supports an investable product. The EU Taxonomy Index is a perfect example of how our collaboration is accelerating the development of innovative sustainable investment solutions. Through our AI-driven data collection process we are able to ensure the data is updated as companies disclose. Our click-to-source feature ensures 100% transparency for investors.”

The BITA impak Europe EU Taxonomy Index is poised to become a key tool in the transition towards sustainable investing and greater positive impact. It helps investors identify companies making strides towards sustainable practices, contributing to the transition and a more responsible and inclusive financial ecosystem.

About impak Analytics
Enabling sustainable change TM

impak is an AI-using fintech that has developed a user-friendy impact data & intelligence platform with impact assessment, scoring and rating solutions. It has created a family of impact indices based on the impak Score™ and the impak database which are used in the development of index funds and ETFs.

About BITA
BITA is a leading technology-enabled Fintech, focused on the provision of investment customization technology, indexes, and indexing solutions to asset & wealth managers, registered investment advisors and other financial institutions across multiple markets. From traditional passive investing to direct indexing, BITA’s infrastructure has been designed to support investment customization at scale.

BITACore is BITA’s cloud-based index development and investment customization platform. BITACore is available both in a web-based version as well as APIs, and can support a variety of applications, from traditional institutional indexing to direct indexing.


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