Double Materiality Module

A double materiality-based approach is key to understanding your impacts on the people and planet and vice versa

Why choose this module?


Aligned with 20+ recognized materiality standards


Resulting in a 360° view of the materiality level of each of your company’s ESG issues


Crucial when preparing for upcoming non-financial reporting requirements (CSRD)


Optimized risk management

Non-financial reporting standards are the next challenge for corporations

Be ready and become a leader.

SFDR ESG private equity


SaaS solution that supports internal economies of scale

SFDR ESG private equity

Universal methodology

Transparent and comprehensive methodology supported by more than 2000 organizations

SFDR ESG private equity

Legitimacy & credibility

Independent third-party assessment that eliminates all possible biases

SFDR ESG private equity


Easy, automated, and customizable impact and regulatory  reporting on a user-friendly platform

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