Integrated SFDR data and impact analyses for publicly-listed and private companies

  Prevention from reputational risk caused by funds reclassification

  Alignment of assets with SFDR requirements

  Analysis of corporate sustainability performance supported by data on SDG alignment

  Applicable to publicly-traded or private companies

Automated management of private equity

Optimized visualization of compliance with SFDR

Estimates of the non-reported PAIs

Integrated impact data

An optimized solution to better understand the SFDR regulation

Our SFDR+i solution makes it easy to track compliance with SFDR

Data collection for private equity


Fluid and automated data collection platform that is co-developed with clients for private equity

Contextualized PAIs


Materiality analysis performed on each PAI regarding company and sectoral activities thanks to an approach based on double materiality.

Identification of sustainability targets

Complete and rigorous analysis of companies’ positive contributions to the SDGs.

Optimized view of the DNSH criteria to help you classify funds more easily


Assessment of company risk exposure to at-risk sectors from an environmental or social perspective.

Reliable and transparent data


Materiality assessment of each reported PAI and analysis of the quality of the reported, audited, non-audited, or estimated PAIs.

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SFDR and the risk of being reclassified as article 8 : its associated problems and possible solutions that would minimize reputational risk.

Read our analyst insight written by Marion Bitoune, ESG Regulatory and SFDR Expert at impak Analytics.