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Every economic actors need to have access to
the net global impact of the organisation they
choose to deal with

How can we build and scale a positive impact economy?

At impak, our conclusion is clear. In order to make socially and environmentally conscious choices on how they spend, invest and lend, all economic actors need to have access to the net global impact of the organisation they choose to deal with. Furthermore, this impact data has to be credible, easy-to-understand and transparent as to enable trustworthiness, universality, comparison and a true economic paradigm shift

Is ESG not enough?

Decades of rating a company's performance in mitigating negative environmental and social impacts resulted in a multitude of ESG assessment frameworks that can possibly channel capital in the right direction but forbid any comparison while only allowing a partial impact analysis of an organisation’s activities. The current global situation demands a reporting methodology adequate to respond to the tremendous planetary challenge we face

do we

A universal transparent methodology analysing both positive and negative impacts with the same systematic framework

A global impact statement for any type of organisation accessible to every economic actor

A clear definition of what positive impact is

Thus : enabling conscious impact-oriented investments and preventing SDG washing, greenwashing, impact washing, etc.

ESG and impact focus

impact statement (noun)

A term coined by impak in 2019, the impact statement is analogous to the financial statement but for impact. It is a common reporting framework for extra-financial data based on universal and prevalent standards (IMP, SDGs) similar to IFRS. It is comparable, consistent, transparent, universal and takes into account both positive and negative impacts

Investors will be able to define an efficient impact investing strategy only once they have the global impact statement of the organisations in their investment universe. Some will choose to invest only in impact organisations, others will choose to support for-profit organisations with the highest positive impact evolution year to year, etc.

Impact type

Impact type scheme

How can we bring investors and society together again?

Thanks to the impact statement’s omnipresence, lending, investing and spending in companies that contribute profitably to social progress, and withdrawing capital from those that do not, will create a virtuous cycle in which the improving welfare of customers, employees, and communities will generate future growth and expand opportunities for all

What is the impact economy prognosis?

The GIIN shows that the average rate of portfolio growth from 61 impact investors is 18% per year on average and estimates that by the end of 2018 the full impact investing market had reached USD 502 billion


77.3 USD trillion

228 USD billion


74.3 USD trillion

502 USD billion


Impact investments


Assets under management (AUM)

Source: BCG Global Asset Management and The GIIN Global Investing Network

The future of the
economy is now

impak, the independent impact rating agency offers a unique impact reporting and scoring solution for any type of organisation.

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